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The Highlights section features the latest news and developments pertaining to a wide variety of topics related to the evolution of digital content as related to research, publishing, education and libraries. These include various press releases announcing ground-breaking initiatives, webinar and podcast alerts, conference summaries, research and survey findings, and more.

The Reports section features lengthy research articles originally published on No Shelf Required (authored by Dr. Mirela Roncevic and contributors), all exploring issues relevant to open science, open access publishing, copyright, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Open Educational Resouces (OERs), open peer review, and more.

The Resouce Center is a (constantly growing) repository and directory of resources online for further inquiry. This is a good place to begin your research and deepen your understanding of Open Science and its many facets. Here you will find useful links to recommended papers, online courses, case studies, and platforms for research where scholarly content may be accessed freely and without restriction. The Resource Center is NSR’s learning corner.